Offering classes in slaughtering small animals - chickens,ducks, geese, turkeys, goats & sheep. I have been teachng these classes for over 5 years. 

You will learn how to do the slaughter, how to dress out the carcass & the basics of how to break it down. At the end of the class you will take your project animal home with you.

Current classes are chickens & goats.

The chickens have been fed a GMO, corn & soy free diet. the goats are in pasture with alfalfa supplementation.

Contact me at (831)207-0685 to arrange times & dates. Goat classes have a minimum of 2 students, max of 4. I am located in Hollister just south of Gilroy.

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Hello Sandra,

Interested in your classes. A friend of mine was wondering if you do on farm classes?  She lives in San Martin.  

All my classes so far are on farm classes. Currently I have goats, chickens & Muscovy ducks available for classes. Classes are by appointment. Weekends are not the best times for me but if that is the only time you can manage I can make it work.

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