Natural Grass fed and finished beef - next harvest late June.

We have all Natural Grass fed and finished Black Angus genetic beef ready for your order. We are planning a harvest for late June - make your reservations now. 

Our beef is born and raised on natural clover and pasture grasses. They are 100% grass-fed and finished. Grass-fed beef is leaner and more nutritious than the standard grain-fed variety. No added hormones or antibiotics. Custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. Also, you know where your meat is coming from and how it was raised. We will custom grain finish, if requested. There is a nominal fee for this service.

We will facilitate all butchering/processing for you.

We sale by the whole, half or quarter. We require a deposit to start the process - 1/4 = $75, 1/2 = $150, and a whole = $300. Final payment is due to us once the animal has been processed and sent to the butcher. Pricing is as follows: 
• $1.35/lb live weight for a whole steer. 
• $1.40/lb live weight for a half 
• $1.45/lb live weight for a quarter 
Live weight varies by animal size (sizes range from 700 to 1000+ lbs) The cost of the steer is paid to us. We accept cash or checks. Hanging weight* is approx.50-62% of the live body weight. We are taking reservations now for larger animals (1000+ lbs). The supply is very limited on the larger animals.

Custom cut and wrap fees are $.55/lb for butcher paper or $.65/lb for vacuum sealed. This is charged by the hanging weight (which is defined as the carcass weight minus the head, hide and entrails). We will contact you with the tag number and hanging weight once we get the weight from the butcher. You will then contact the butcher directly with your cut/wrap specifications. You pay them directly - they take payments over the phone by credit card. You can choose to have the meat sent to another butcher with a whole or 1/2 order.

There is a $65 harvest/clean/transport to butcher fee - $32.50 for 1/2 or $16.25 for a 1/4.

The meat dry ages at the butcher then is cut/wrapped to your specifications.

Once the meat is cut/wrapped you can either pick up your meat from the butcher located in Turlock or we will set up a delivery point/date. As a courtesy to our customers we make one free delivery per harvest to the bay area to a pre-arranged meeting place to drop off meat to them. If you want to pick out your own animal, you can arrange a ranch visit to do so. If a whole beef is too much for your family, partner up with some friends. If you don't have anyone to partner with for a whole, half or quarter, please let us know as we may be able to find one.

Call now for best selection. 209-840-3962 Oakdale, CA.

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anyone interested in sharing a 1/4 share? I did it six months ago and ready to again. The butcher pre-divided the meat and we picked up and paid separately - very convenient.



Hi! We're new, and we'd like 1/4 ourselves. If you can't find anyone else to go in, we'd be willing to split 1/4 with you this time.



Crickett Hutchinson

I'll go in as well- I can do a 1/4 if needed.  There was a thread to start another beef share on the South Bay page (Beef #8) and I'm the only one in it so far

That would be great. How about you email me and we'll contact Kim together.




Michele Toussaint said:

I'll go in as well- I can do a 1/4 if needed.  There was a thread to start another beef share on the South Bay page (Beef #8) and I'm the only one in it so far


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