Rockin MC Ranch will have Non GMO pasture raised and naturally processed whole chicken available the begging of September.

These chickens will be professionally wrapped and can be either fresh or frozen, depending on delivery date.  They will run anyway from about 4 to 5 pounds each and are $25.00 per chicken, which comes out to $5 to $6.25 per pound.

I would be willing to deliver to a standard location if I can get an order of at least 12 chickens.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  You can also look us up on Facebook, under Rockin MC Ranch.

Thank so much.

Myra K. Lowder

Rockin MC Ranch

Non GMO Pasture Raised Poultry

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I would also be willing to offer half turkeys if there is enough interest. For those with small families that do not want a whole turkey.  The price would be $8.00 per pound for the half turkey.


Hi Myra - We bought two of your chickens in September and have enjoyed them. Will you be making another trip to Berkeley? if so, we'd love to buy several more. Thanks!

I'm so glad you liked them! We will have another batch that will be processed about the second week of December. if I have enough orders I can once again make arrangements to meet at the same place down there shortly after.currently I have about 20 available as the rest of them are reserved. Let me know how many you would like and I'll see if I can get more orders together from down that way. Thanks again!


We are actually looking at the 3rd week in December for processing chicken.  I can deliver if I get a minimum order of 10 birds and meet at the same place as last time.  Let me know if you would be interested and if you know of anyone else who may want some as well.

Thanks so much!

Myra K. Lowder

Rockin MC Ranch

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