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I am looking for people to go in on sharing beef raised sustainable in an ecological manner right here in Marin County. 100% grass-fed, rotationally grazed locally here in Marin. The beef will either be sourced from Holistic Ag or True Grass. You can learn more about them here -

Holistic Ag http://holisticag.com/wordpress/?page_id=161
True Grass http://truegrassfarms.com/cow-share/

Starting cost roughly $11-$11.40 per pound, if I can get enough people to go in to purchase one cattle or even more than one cattle. the price may drop, so please let me know if you are interested asap.

shares come in 1/8 cattle (roughly 44 lbs of meat (10 lbs of steak, 14 lbs of roasts & braising meats, 15 lbs of ground beef, and 5 lbs of offal and bones)), 1/4 (approx 88 lbs (20 lbs of steak, 28 lbs of roasts & braising meats, 30 lbs of ground beef, and 10 lbs of offal and bones); or half (approx 175 lbs (40 lbs of steak, 55 lbs of roasts & braising meats, 60 lbs of ground beef, and 20 lbs of offal and bones)). Please e-mail me: sylvia.eastbaybulkbuy@gmail.com if you're interested in getting a share. Please indicate the share you would like in your e-mail. Pickup will be sometime in August in Berkeley.


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