Pre-Order Your Pasture-Raised, Non-GMO feed Thanksgiving Turkeys! (Delivery to East Bay).

Rockin MC Ranch, a small famliy arm in Placerville, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe in the foothills, is taking reservations for their pasture-raised, non-GMO fed turkeys from now until this Friday, July 17, 2015.

These turkeys are your Broast-Breasted White varieties, so it’s perfect for those that would want a healthy bird but prefer more breast meat and more mild flavors (as opposed to that of heritage breed turkeys). The birds average 20-25 pounds, at $6.00 per lb.  The Ranch only raises the number of turkeys reserved. If we get enough orders, we will be able to get the turkeys delivered to a location in the East Bay (South Berkeley) by Monday, November 23, 2015. Except for orders for turkeys less than 20 lbs, the turkeys will be delivered FRESH, NEVER FROZEN. So if you are interested, fill out this reservation form ASAP. The last day to order is this Friday, July 17, 2015.   


Here’s what Myra at the Ranch says about how they raise their birds:

The turkeys are kept indoors for the first three weeks, and then are allowed to free range on pasture during the day, and are kept away at night. Their diet consist of NON-GMO feed and whatever they encounter out in pasture. Rockin MC Ranch does not use any medicated food or treatments (unless there is an emergency) and instead feed their birds raw natural apple cider vinegar, which is a natural antibacterial, and anti-protozoan and also is an electrolyte for them. Because of the farm’s small size, they are able to give the birds individual attention and conduct slaughtering/processing humanely. Once processed, the birds are soaked in an ice bath with apple cider vinegar for 24 hours, which cures the meat as well as acting as a natural antimicrobial agent.

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