This Friday 5/26 - beef butchery & 10lb grassfed assorted cuts beef share! in Berkeley

Join the Institute of Urban Homesteading’s collective-meat-buying “meatshare” party! Have you ever thought about going in on sustainably raised, local beef with friends but didn’t know where to start? This class offers the opportunity share in the bounty of locally-sourced, pasture-raised beef from True Grass Farms up in Marin County with other students. We’ll be buy a quarter cow and break it down, together, hands-on, step by step, for you to take home! You’ll get a handle on the whole process start to finish.

We’ll introduce you to a few local ranches that sell whole animals and teach you about hanging weight, pricing, interfacing with the butcher, different cuts and how to break down the animal yourself. Along the way, we will talk about farming methods and brainstorm different dishes and cooking methods to bring out the superior flavor of this meat. You’ll go home with ten pounds or so of assorted cuts ranging from premium to affordable. Workshop fee is sliding scale, plus $120 for 10 lbs of grass-fed, rotationally grazed on pasture year-round local beef.

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Date: Friday, May 26, 2017

Time: 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Cost: $40 – 80 sliding scale, plus $120 for 10 lbs. of exceptional beef

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