Hi, I'd like to find a few folks to go in on a pig. The wife and I are looking to purchase a quarter. Would anybody else be interested in joining us? I did not see an active pig buy anywhere, please correct me if there is one. Thx!


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I would be interested in a quarter,Amadeo. Any idea of where you would be getting one?

I would be interested in a quarter Amadeo. Any idea where you would be getting one?


Am considering Clark Summit Farms.  http://www.clarksummitfarm.com/  But am totally open to other ideas.


I'll take 1/2. We have a whole pig now. how do we proceed?


Ok so assuming that Christine wants 1/2, and Steve still wants a 1/4, and I want a 1/4 that's a whole hog!

I contacted Clark Summit Farms.  I've attached their pricing guide.  

Clark Farms has a wait list of approx 2 - 3 months for a whole hog (200 pound range)

Here's the breakdown of costs assuming a 200 pound hog.

$1200 for pig ($6 a pound)

$170 for butchering ($0.85 a pound)

$125 USDA Harvest fee

$1495 total for the pig

Christine's 1/2 of said pig would be $747.50

Amadeo and Steve's quarter would be $373.50 each

They do need a $125 deposit to get on the wait list.  

If the above all sounds good, and if you guys can pay pal me your share of the deposit, I will pay the deposit.  Also if you want to take this off line, please send me an email and we can discuss further.  amadeo.donofrio@gmail.com

I'm happy to go pick up and we can divide at a mutually agreed upon location.



Amadeo, I am in. I will email you.



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