Non GMO pasture raised chicken and turkey year round from Northern California small family farm

We are a small family owned and operated family farm that raised NON GMO pasture, free range raised poultry.

We pride ourselves on a clean, healthy, self-sustainable and loving environment for our birds to thrive in.  If you are looking for the best poultry around, raised by a loving family, then Rockin MC Ranch has what you need!

Our chickens run $25.00 and range between 4.5 and 6 pounds, on average and our turkeys run $120.00 from under 20 pounds and $135.00 over 20 pounds.

We feed NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO fillers, NO CRAP!   Only Non GMO feed and pasture.

We are outside of Sacramento, but would be willing to deliver to a general area if there were enough orders.

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Hi what's your email/website?

My email is  My website is down right now and need to get it up and running, unfortunately I tend to be a bit technically challenged.  :)


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