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LAMB: We have a limited quantity of lambs that could be ready to harvest before Christmas! Get your deposit in now to secure your spot! Lambs will be sold by the half or whole. Don't want it by Christmas? Lambs will continue to gain weight but will maintain meat quality; so they can be harvested anytime in early 2017. 


Whole Cow Hamburger: This is a great product, as it includes all the choice cuts from the animal, making this a superior product! Only $8 per pound (5 pound minimum). 


  *PROMOTION*Share with your friends or buy your ground beef in bulk. $7 per pound when you buy 50 pounds or more.        




Green grass has taken over the ranch and the cows are loving it!! In between the rains, we are very busy building new fence and doing erosion control projects. We are also re-seeding pastures and moving cattle frequently to maximize grass growth.


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Run out of gift ideas? Give the gift of BEEF!! Share your love for eating healthy, local and sustainable. 


We are now taking orders for whole, half, and quarter cows. Lead time is 3-4 weeks for quarters, so act fast to have healthy, environmentally sustainable, locally raised grass-fed beef in time for the holidays! We have whole cow ground beef on hand at the ranch and in Oakland with weekly windows for pick up (see below for more information and pricing).


Our prices are competitively low while maintaining high quality products! To make it simpler for you to choose SoMar Farms as your source of quality, farm-raised, grass-fed beef, we’ve included all processing fees in our pricing. That way you know exactly what you will be paying for the beef you take home. 


      Whole    $6.30/lb

      Half       $6.75/lb 

      Quarter  $7.10/lb

Typically, each quarter will yield between 100-150 pounds. All fees are based on NET weight, so you only get charged for the meat that you actually receive, cut and wrapped. 


A quarter cow takes up about 4 cubic feet of freezer space


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