It is time to start collecting shares for the next beef.  Please search through previous discussions to see how it works.  Email me your contact info if you want to participate.  We do 1/8 1/4 or 1/2 for beef.

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Freezers getting empty?  Here is the place to get in on the next beef!

1/8 please.



1/4 for me (Lidia) and 1/8 for a friend, Anna.

Thank you!

We are half way there...

What is beef running per pound these days? Its been about 18 mo since my last order. Someone near me is offering @ $11/lb for grassfed, but that seems much more pricey than the last share  I ordered. Thanks!

Hi Tone,

Due to the draught, local grass fed beef is getting a lot more expensive.  There just isn't much grass in California these days.  I think we used to average about $4-5/lb and now it is almost double that.



Thanks so much for the prompt reply!

Shall we restart this order?


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