Every rancher on this list raises what we consider "good, clean and fair" meat. We do not distinguish between ranchers whose meat is certified organic or not, but we do distinguish between beef from cows that are finished on grass or on grain (all the cows from these ranches spend at least most of their life on pasture). If you know or find other ranchers who will sell whole animals directly to consumers, please write to let us know.

Agricola: flora et fauna
Rancher: Moira Burke
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Phone: 707-678-3591
Email: agricola@onramp113.com
Website: www.agricolagrassfedbeef.com
Location: Dixon Ridge, Solano County
Sales: Direct

Alston Farm

Rancher: Linda Alston
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Phone: 530-865-2666
Email: laslston@dm-tech.net
Website: www.alstonfarms.com
Location: Orland, Tehama County, CA
Sales: Noe Valley Farmers' Market, Chico, Direct Sales

Azevedo Organics

Rancher: Tony Azevedo
Raises: Dairy cows for Organic Valley
Website: www.thedoublet.com/AzevedoOrgaincsHome.html
Location: Hilmar, Merced County, CA
Sales: T & D Willey Farms CSA

*Tony raises dairy cattle that he sells for meat occasionally. He is not a regular meat rancher.

Barbarosa Ranchers
Ranchers: Tyler Dawley and John Raftery
Raise: Pork, Lamb, Goat, Poultry, Beef (grass-finished)
Phone: 530-526-5782
Email: tyler@barbarosaranchers.com
Website: www.barbarosaranchers.com
Location: Red Bluff, Tehama County, CA
Sales: Chico Farmers' Market, Redding Farmers' Market, Direct, CSA

Black Sheep Farm

Rancher: Brock Fulmer
Raises: Pork, Lamb, Goat, Beef (grass-finished)
Phone: 707-874-2152
Location: Potter Valley, Mendocino County, CA
Sales: Marin Civic Center Farmers' Market

Chaffin Family Orchards
Raises: Beef (grass-finished), Lamb, Goat, Chicken
Email: chris_kerston@chaffinfamilyorchards.com
Website: http://www.chaffinfamilyorchards.com
Phone: 530-533-1676 (ranch), 530-370-6432 (cell)
Location: Oroville, Butte County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Chapel Farm
Raises: Naturally raised water buffalo & goats
Ranchers:  Nick & James Chapel
Email for info & cut sheet: nickjam@pulsarco.com
Phone: (916) 803-1630
Location: Meridian CA
Sales: Direct Only, Monthly Home Delivery to SF

Chileno Valley Ranch
Ranchers: Mike and Sally Gale
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Email: mgale [at] chilenobeef.com
Website: www.chilenobeef.com
Phone: 707-765-6664
Location: Petaluma, Marin County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Clark Summit Farm
Ranchers: Liz Cunninghame and Dan Bagley
Raises: Beef & Vitellone (grass-finished),  pork, free-range chickens, certified organic eggs, occasional geese, suckling pigs, goats
Email: liz@clarksummitfarm.com
Website: www.clarksummitfarm.com
Location: Tomales, Sonoma County, CA
Sales: Direct, CSA

De'ja' View Farm
Rancher: David & Natalain Schwartz
Raises: Lamb (grain-supplemented)
Email: DLSCRUS@aol.com
Telephone: 831-763-2001
Location: Coralitos, Santa Cruz County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Devil's Gulch
Rancher: Mark Pasternak
Raises: Pork, Lamb, Rabbits, Fowl
Email: mark[at]devilsgulchranch.com
Website: www.devilsgulchranch.com
Telephone: 707-953-0923
Location: Nicasio, Marin County, CA
Sales: Bi-Rite Market, Avedano's Meat Market

Douglass Ranch
Rancher: Kelly and Shannon Douglass
Raises: Beef (grain-finished) and pork
Email: shannon@douglassranch.com
Website: www.douglassranch.com
Telephone: 503-865-5905
Location: Orland, Glenn County, CA
Sales: Direct Sales, delivery

Falcon Highlands Ranch
Rancher: Burton Barnes
Raises: Beef (grass-fed)
Email: burtbbb@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 707-478-3105
Location: Healdsburg, Sonoma County CA
Sales: Direct

Gleason Ranch
Ranchers: Barbara and Tony Prebilich
Raise: Beef, Pork, Chickens, Turkeys
Email: Nancy@gleasonranch.com
Website: www.gleasonranch.com
Location: Bodega, Sonoma County, CA
Sales: Direct, Bi Rite Market

Godfrey Family Farms
Ranchers: Brian Godfrey
Raise: Pork, Veal (milk/grass-fed), chickens
Email: ihdpr@yahoo.com
Website: www.godfreyfamilyfarms.com
Phone: (530) 632-7125
Location: Marysville, Yuba County, CA
Sales: Direct

Hanson Farm
Ranchers: Steve and Patty Hanson
Raise: Beef, Lamb, Dairy Goats, Goat Milk
Email: oberjoyed@gmail.com
Website: none
Phone: 559-661-8334
Location: Madera, Madera County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Hearst Ranch
Contact: Brian Kenny
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
bkenny [at] hearstranch.com
Telephone: 415-777-8296

Location: San Simeon, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Sales: Direct, through their website

K-Arrow Ranch Grass-Fed Beef
Ranchers: Steve and Jeannie Kistler
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Website: www.kistlercamp.com/index_files/Page666.htm
Email: none
Phone: 209-984-5600
Location: Jamestown, Tuolomne County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Manas Ranch
Rancher: Fred Manas
Raises: Beef (corn-finished 2-3 weeks)
Website: www.manasranch.com
Email: none
Phone: 530-787-3228
Location: Esparto, Capay Valley, Yolo County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Masut Organic Grass-Fed Beef
Ranchers: Sheila, Benjamin and Jacob Fetzer
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Website: http://www.masut.com
Email: sheilafetzer@masut.com
Phone: 707-485-5466, 707-489-0861
Location: Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA
Sales: Direct only

McCormick Livestock
Rancher: Cindy McCormick
Raises: Beef (grass-finished), goat
Website: www.mccormicklivestock.com
Email: none
Phone: 209-887-3420
Location: Valley Springs, Calaveras County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Meridian Jacobs Farm
Rancher: Robin Lynde
Raises: Lamb
Website: http://www.meridianjacobs.com
Email: rlynde@onramp113.org
Phone: 707-678-5750
Location: Vacaville, Yolo County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Miller Ranch Enterprises Grass fed beef
Rancher: Kim Miller-Batezell
Raise: Beef, Angus (grass-finished)
Email: millerranchbeef@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.millerranchenterprises.com
Phone: 209-848-1879
Location: Oakdale, Stanislaus County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Morris Grassfed Beef
Rancher: Joe Morris
Raises: Beef
Email: morris@grassfedbeef.com
Location: San Juan Bautista, San Benito County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Open Space Meats

Rancher: Seth and Mica Nitschke
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Website: www.openspacemeats.com
Phone: 209-262-8780
Location: Newman, Stanislaus County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Panorama Meats
Rancher: Greg Shmidt
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Website: www.panoramameats.com">www.panoramameats.com
Telephone:  (916) 947-6232
Location: Tehama County
Sales: Berkeley Bowl, Whole Foods

*Many farmers raise cattle for Panorama. Some, such as Greg, choose to finish their cattle exclusively in pasture. The Meat CSA bought a very delicious cow from him in December 2007. He's only a supplier when he has more cows than Panorama can handle.

Peterson Land & Cattle Company
Rancher: Kathleen Spencer
Raises: Beef (grass-finished)
Website: none
Phone:(831) 389-4320
Location: San Benito County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Pozzi Ranch
Rancher: Joe Pozzi
Raises: Lamb
Location: Valley Ford, Sonoma County, CA
Sales: Field to Family Natural Foods, Petaluma
Website: none
Phone: (707) 765-6756
Email: John@fieldtofamily.com

Prather Ranch
Rancher: Jim Rickert
Raises: Beef (grain-finished)
Email: doug [at] prmeatco.com
Website: www.pratherranch.com
Phone: (877) 570-2333
Location: Siskiyou County, CA
Sales: Prather Meat Co. and Temescal Farmers' Market

Range Brothers

Ranchers: Chris Simas
& Mark Keller
Raises: Pork
Email: sales [at] rangebrothers.com
Website: http://www.rangebrothers.com/">www.rangebrothers.com
Telephone: 870-570-2333
Location: Capay Valley, Yolo County, CA
Sales: Grand Lake Farmers' Market, Temescal Farmers' Market, San Rafael Farmers' Market, Prather Meat Co. in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

*Mark Keller is the Director of Operations of both Range Brothers and Prather Ranch, though the two operations are unaffiliated.

Red Hill Farms
Rancher: Don Gilardi
Raises: Lamb; organic pastures; grass & milk fed only
Email: dlgilardi@yahoo.com
Telephone: (707) 477-8751
Location: Petaluma, Marin County, CA
Sales: Direct only

Riverdog Farm
Rancher: Tim Mueller
Raises: Pork
Email: csa@riverdogfarm.com
Website: www.riverdogfarm.com; riverdoghog.blogspot.com
Telephone: (530) 796-3802
Location: Guinda, Yolo County, CA
Sales: Direct, CSA, Marin Sun Farms

Rossotti Ranch
Rancher: Julie Rossotti
Raises: Boer goat (grass-fed)
Email: jevans@horizoncable.com
Telephone: 707-792-1797
Location: Petaluma, Sonoma County, CA
Direct only

Sierra Farms
Rancher: Mel Thompson
Raises: Lamb
Email: mmt [at] oroville.com
Website: www.lambeatersconnection.com
Telephone: 530-532-4226
Location: Oroville, Butte County, CA
Ordering is done by email. Sierra Farms delivers to six Bay Area locations on a 45 day schedule from March to December.

Shelly's Farm
Rancher: Shelly McMahon
Raises: Pasture-raised hens, eggs
Email: shelly@shellysfarmfresh.com
Website: www.shellysfarmfresh.com
Location: Brentwood, Contra Costa County, CA
Danville Farmers' Market, Castro Farmers' Market, Direct

Stemple Creek Ranch
Rancher: Loren Poncia
Raises: Beef (grass-finished), Lamb
Email: Loren.Poncia@stemplecreek.com
Website: www.stemplecreek.com
Telephone: 415-883-8253
Location: Tomales, Marin County, CA
Direct only

Soul Food Farm

Rancher: Alexis Koefoed
Raises: Laying hens (organic), meat chickens, eggs
Email: soulfoodfarm [at] aol.com
Website: www.soulfoodfarm.com
Location: Vacaville, Solano County, CA
Sales: CSA, Avedano's, Prather Meat Co. in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Wind Dancer Ranch
Rancher: Lisa Leonard
Raises: Pork, lamb, rabbit, turkey (all heritage breeds, pasture and paddock, and hutch)
Email: admin@winddancerranch.us
Website: http://www.winddancerranch.us/
Telephone: 650-642-1690
Location: Capay Valley, Yolo County, CA
Direct Only

Wolf Ranch
Ranchers: Ron & Sarah Hodkins
Raises: Beef (grass Finished)
Email: rshodkins@gmail.com
Phone: 530-268-1524 (ranch) 916-343-3778 (cell)
Location: Southern Nevada County
Sales: Direct, CSA

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