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At 5:24pm on April 1, 2011, Nicholas & James Chapel said…

Hi Tommy, This is Nick from Chapel Farm/Water Buffalo. I notice of all the groups I am a member of, the Castro group does not have a "Send members a message". I usually send a general email to all my groups members. Is there a reason you know that Castro does not allow it? It is a shame because most of my orders come from emailing directly since most members are not on the BAMCSA webpage everday.

Check out another group and you will see what I mean. Any feedback on that?


At 10:52am on November 11, 2009, Bing said…
For future reference, it is NOT okay to bail out on a commitment 4 days before the meat arrives. This is not a grocery store. What exactly did you think I could do with an extra 20lbs of beef? Luckily for you, someone agreed to take your share.
At 9:48am on October 22, 2009, Kelly Hodgkin said…
Hi Tommy:

I don't know if you've ever had a goat before but I tired my first one just a couple of months ago. You are NOT going to be happy if you sell 1/2 your goat. I am a fairly small person (I'm tall but thin) and I ate the entire goat myself. No in one sitting but it was SO delicious that I ate the entire thing myself. The problem with quartering an animal is, "who gets the ribs"? The rigs are delicious and so is the hind quarter. If you split the goat, each of you will get exactly 1/2 of the "good cuts".

I don't know if you are getting 80 pound goats or 40 pound goats. I had a 40 pound goat and gave half of it to the farmer who helped me butcher the goat (I had never done it before). I think if you "squeeze" some of your goat meat in the freezer and then put a few choice cuts in the frige, you'll be glad that you didn't give 1/2 of it away. I don't know....that's just me. I have a huge bread oven outside and a large round cast iron pan (LARGE LARGE LARGE) and so I put one of the hind quarters in the wood-oven and the ribs on the bar-bee and put the roast in the frige and all the rest stored nicely in the freezer. I ate the ribs for lunch and the hind quarter for dinner (I think my hubby had some for dinner too). We cooked the roast in a dutch oven the next night (complements of my bread oven again) and just took out the rest as we needed it. It was not that much meat.

You can figure on getting about 1/2 of the weight of the goat back in meat. In other words, if you have an 80 pound goat (that's a great weight for a yearling) then you will get about 40 pounds of meat back. Consider that some of the weight is in bone. I would pay about $103 for an 80 lb. goat plus a butchering fee. I don't know what you are paying for your goat but you'll LOVE the taste of the meat.

Good luck with the goat meat and I hope you love it as much as I do. I hope you don't find my suggestions too forward and intrusive. It's just that I thought I was going to have A LOT of meat but I was surprised how quickly it was gone. I'm sure your goat will be bigger than mine.
At 8:24pm on August 27, 2009, Baybritta said…
Can I please get your phone number?
At 9:09am on August 26, 2009, Bing said…
Tommy--I never got a cell number from you, and Marcel signed up for the 20th share, so I put you on the waitlist. Please leave me a number where I can reach you in case we have extra beef.
At 9:08pm on August 23, 2009, Bing said…
Hi Tommy--
Could you leave me a cell number for the beef share? So I have an easy way to track down people who are late?

Thanks, brenda
At 8:09pm on July 30, 2009, Eileen Lynette said…
Tommy, you were due at my house by 7:30PM to pick up your lamb. Where are you?????
At 8:39pm on July 26, 2009, Eileen Lynette said…
Hi, Tommy. Won't be using PayPal for this pick up. Will consider it if I ever take lead on another purchase!
At 10:03am on July 23, 2009, Bing said…
There is no waitlist for eggs. No eggs are available.
So far you have 2 chickens ($30) and are on the waitlist for beef.
We won't know until friday if there is any beef for you, so bring a blank check just in case. Pickup is at 1531 8th ave between 5 and 7.30.
At 1:40am on July 4, 2009, Bing said…

Mostly, people who are willing to organize post a message on the group page about the animal, approximate price, etc and see if they can get enough people signed up to buy it. Unfortunately, you just missed a cow purchase I'm setting up. I think that there is a July 11 grassfed beef event being planned, though. If you click on Community, and then Events, you should get to a posting about it, if you want to go.

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