To buy meat through this site, either look through the message board of your Group
If there isn't a conversation or purchase underway, decide what kind of whole animal you're looking for (the size of the animal might be the determining factor), and how much of it you want (ideally 10 pounds? 30?), and then post your own listing on your Group.
The Toolbox is here to help you through your purchase. Make sure to read through it before you get too far along. Before you make any commitments:
1. Call Ranchers to find out about availability and timeline
2. Decide whether you'd be willing to pick the animal up and/or host the pick up
3. Post the purchase idea on your Groups' page.
Don't get intimidated! Use the guidelines in the Toolbox to figure out how to divide the animal into shares, and feel free to post questions and comments in the Forum or on your groups' page.

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